Almost everyone is on board with being mindful and intentional with how our natural resources are used. Water use has been a hot topic on this front, especially as many regions face drought conditions either continuously or seasonally. In Georgia, HR 1050 was introduced by House Natural Resources Committee Chair Lynn Smith as a way to examine past statewide policy efforts as well as future planning to uphold the state’s status as a leader in water conservation.

In addition to other, more established methods of water conservation, the measure also highlights the role of drought tolerant turfgrasses in this effort. When homeowners, sports field managers, commercial property managers, parks and rec facilitators and golf course superintendents choose drought tolerant turfgrass varieties, they will see increased water efficiencies and eventually, cost savings.

The landscape and turfgrass industries have an opportunity to be on the leading edge of conservation efforts with something as simple as cultivar selection. And the great news is that drought tolerant options such as TifTuf are also a beautiful and practical choice for many uses.

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