The big freeze that hit most of the south in December of 2022 caused a lot of damage to plants and bushes. Now that spring is approaching, many homeowners are trying to determine if those plants will rebound, or whether they should be replaced. Woody shrubs took the hardest hit, and many will not recover. Once you’ve determined that a replacement plant is in order, be sure you plan well with your new landscaping.

Here are some considerations for choosing new landscape plants:

  • Sun/Shade. All plants have an ideal amount of direct sun exposure and cannot thrive if they get too little or too much sunlight. Nursery and Garden Center labels usually display this prominently. Make sure your placement allows your new plant sufficient sunlight.
  • Water Requirements. If you don’t have an irrigation system or you don’t remember to water your plants regularly, choose varieties with lower watering requirements. All plants must have at least some water, of course, but some are more hardy during drought conditions.
  • Size/Height. Just because your new plant is tiny now doesn’t mean it can’t take over your entire flower bed! Make sure that the plant’s mature size is appropriate for the space it is intended for.
  • Color/Appearance. There are so many beautiful options for color – make sure that the plants you choose fit your style preference. Find out what color those bushes are in the fall, or how this plant looks when it’s not flowering. These steps can ensure a beautiful balance year-round.