Many people spend this time of year focusing on serving others – whether it’s something simple like inviting new friends over for dinner or donating gifts to a local nonprofit, the spirit of giving is alive and well in our communities.

Whether you’re a green industry professional, an avid gardener or you just love taking care of your lawn, there are many ways you can give back and serve others with your time and abilities in lawn care and maintenance.

Consider some of the following ways of giving the gift of lawn care or gardening to others in your community:

  • Adopt a local park or public space. Many cities and municipalities offer this option that can allow you to use your time and/or finances to create beautiful outdoor spaces in the community.
  • Help a neighbor in need. We all know a family or two who never seem able to clean up and maintain their outdoor space. Volunteer to help them clean up or weed or even mow and trim when needed.
  • Share what you know. Especially if you’re a green industry professional! There are teens and young adults who would be a great fit in the industry, but often they don’t know what the business entails. Share the ins and outs of lawn care and maintenance with the upcoming generation. Even if they just use it to mow their grandmother’s lawns, it’s still making a difference!

We hope you enjoy this season and remember to give back. We wish you Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year!