Spring is always a much-anticipated season – the time when homeowners and turfgrass professionals alike are planting and prepping, looking forward to the greener fields of spring and summer.
Spring of 2020 has brought with it challenges bigger than eliminating dandelion and tuning up the mower. With the entire civilized world attempting to mitigate COVID-19, the hustle of spring looks very different for the turfgrass industry this year. With most sports cancelled, sports turf managers have their fields looking their best, but with no one to enjoy them. Some golf courses remain open but are operating differently than ever before with social distancing guidelines in place. Lawn and landscape professionals for the most part are able to operate as usual, but those who are part of smaller businesses face unique challenges with companies struggling to keep their doors open.
While this could dampen the spirits of the renewed energy of spring, we have only to look at nature to see that life goes on. Despite the limited movements of humans lately, the grass has still greened up, flowers are still blooming, and the temperature steadily rises. People under quarantine are taking more time to appreciate and maintain their own little pieces of the world – their lawns.
During this challenging season, let this be a reminder of the hope and renewal of spring. And maybe take a little time to stop and smell the roses.