As we head into the colder months, it’s time to prepare our grasses for the coming stresses Mother Nature may bring. Closing out the active growing season with proper planning for the dormant months will go far in helping your lawn emerge healthy in the spring.

Here are some ways you can prevent unnecessary damage to your lawn over the winter months.

  • Be aware of drainage issues. Any area that may have standing water or poor drainage can promote grass disease.
  • Fertilize in fall. To promote a strong stand in the spring, boost your lawn’s health with a fertilizer application in fall (if you didn’t do so at the end of summer.)
  • Keep mowing until all the leaves fall. This helps clear the debris from your lawn and also typically coincides with approaching dormancy.
  • Don’t clear the snow from your grass. Removing snow can create mechanical damage, and believe it or not, often a layer of snow serves as insulation from sub-freezing temps.

Just because your lawn doesn’t require as much maintenance in the winter, it doesn’t mean you can ignore it for four months. Be prepared for the coming cold season and make sure your lawn is protected.