Everyone from Little Leaguers to the pros are back on the ball fields, and what a welcome sight! The empty sports fields of 2020 are a thing of the past in most areas, and outdoor sports are back in full swing.

Sports turf managers may have been thankful for a season to hone their fields, but even they are happy to have games and practices happening on the spaces they’ve worked so hard to maintain.

Even though everyone is excited about the return to sports, there are still some ways that coaches, athletes and parents can help conserve those fields.

  • Respect the field/grounds managers’ requests to not use the fields. There could be many reasons that a field is temporarily closed. Those reasons may not be obvious to others, but if the manager closes a field, it’s for your safety or the healthy maintenance of the field.
  • Communicate any damage or safety concerns to the grounds staff. For school or municipal fields, there is someone who needs to know if there’s an issue to address. Rather than letting the issue get worse, seek out the professional who can address the problem before it progresses.
  • Respect the work and effort that goes into field maintenance. Staff spend long hours creating a space for athletes and families. Use it for its intended purpose and maybe give a shoutout to those who have made it available and ready for play!