Product Spotlight on Patriot Bermudagrass

Patriot bermudagrass serves a very specific purpose – rapid, aggressive growth. This feature is ideal for the northern transition zone, but it is still suited for hardiness zones  7A, 7B, 8A, and 8B.

Patriot features excellent cold tolerance, and excellent drought tolerance, which means lower irrigation costs. This variety offers versatility – with the recommended mowing […]

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It’s Time for Bermuda and Zoysia

As we eagerly anticipate the warmer, sunnier days of spring and summer, many of us begin to plan lawn, landscape, and garden projects. While Mother Nature always dictates planting schedules, (and sometimes gives us a few unwelcome surprises that no one can predict), there are some planting plans we can make with relative certainty.

Bermuda grasses […]

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TifSport Bermudagrass

Another product of the experts in Tifton, Georgia, TifSport provides a great solution for everything from golf course greens, fairways and roughs to athletic fields and home lawns.

This variety, best suited for Hardiness Zones 7A, 7B, 8A and 8B, is exceptionally wear tolerant and recovers quickly from damage from high use, cart traffic, even cleat […]

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Lawn Pest Identification

There are many elements that can affect the health of your lawn, including disease, traffic, pests, fertility and irrigation. Proper identification of the cause of injury to your turf is essential in repairing damage and preventing future problems.

There are hundreds of species of insects that inhabit lawns and the surrounding areas, so it is important […]

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Product Spotlight: TifTuf Bermudagrass

In the hot, dry South, TifTuf® bermudagrass is the gold standard in drought tolerance. Homeowners and turfgrass managers alike love the savings of a variety that requires less watering.

But don’t let a high capacity to survive the summer distract you from all of TifTuf®’s other benefits – TifTuf®  provides superior wear and traffic tolerance as […]

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Considerations for Choosing the Right Sod for Your Home Lawn

When you’re prepared to invest in your home lawn, it is important to choose the best variety for your needs. Turfgrass is not one size fits all, but the great news is that there is are many great varieties and cultivars, and there is certainly one for every home lawn.

When making a selection, here are […]

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