We all have those areas that we just can’t seem to keep covered– under the swings, under the huge oak tree, at the edge of the picnic area, the 50-yard line on the football practice field. No one wants to stare at those ugly bare patches all season, but how do you fix this inevitable eyesore?
Patching with sod is a great option that is quick and efficient. To get the best results, follow the steps below:

  • Cut a section of sod slightly larger than the area to be covered. Place it on the bare spot and make sure it extends about two inches into the healthy grass around it.
  • Use a sharp tool such as a shovel to trace around the patch.
  • Remove the sod patch and remove a layer of soil in the traced area so that the sod patch is level with the lawn.
  • Loosen the soil so the roots can extend into the soil.
  • Place the sod patch and compress it into the soil.
  • Water immediately. Continue watering two times a day for several days until it begins active growth.