White clover is a common perennial weed that many homeowners struggle to control. If your lawn hosts a great deal of this weed, and you want it gone, there are a few considerations for its control.

  • Healthy turfgrass keeps clover at bay. Thick lawns crowd out clover, so make sure your lawn is getting all the nutrients and care it needs to grow. Proper irrigation, mowing height, and fertilization of your lawn are the best way to minimize weed presence.
  • Pull clover by hand. If you notice it early (before flowers form), you can remove clumps by hand, and make sure to loosen the soil to break up roots as well. (This is only practical for smaller areas.)
  • Use weed killer. There are herbicides that have excellent activity for controlling white clover in home lawns. Check label listing to learn which is appropriate for your turf variety. Early fall is the most beneficial time to treat for white clover. (Always read, understand and follow the label directions.) 

You can reduce the occurrence of clover in your lawn, it just takes diligence and a commitment to developing a healthier turf stand.