We all have habits and ideas that, if we really think about it, we’re not exactly sure why we have them, they’re just habit. Sometimes we’ve heard them from others and taken them at their word, but when it comes to lawncare, it’s important to know the WHY and HOW for maintaining an attractive and healthy lawn.
Below we bust some common lawncare myths:

  • A garden hose and sprinkler work as well as an installed sprinkler system.

The hose and sprinkler system can create uneven watering, which leads to some dry areas and some over-watered areas. Irrigation systems can also be a much more efficient and earth-friendly way to water your lawn.

  • You should water your lawn every day.

Deep and infrequent watering is most beneficial to your lawn. It encourages deeper root growth which prevents browning and burning in hotter weather.

  • A short cut decreases mowing frequency.

Cutting more than 1/3 of the height of your grass at one mowing can cause unnecessary stress and make it difficult for your grass to withstand heat and drought stress.
For best practices for lawn care, always refer to expert recommendations. Your lawn care professional and your sod provider are excellent resources for lawn care how-tos.