Whether it’s a misinterpretation of sound advice or just an assumption about best practices, many homeowners act on faulty information about keeping their grass healthy and growing. Below are some common myths about lawn maintenance and the truth about how you can best nurture your turfgrass.

Myth: I must remove grass clippings.

Fact: Grass clippings break down quickly and can return nutrients to the lawn. Many believe clippings create heavier thatch, but since they’re primarily water, the quick decomposition does not typically create excess thatch.

Myth: I should water my grass every day to have a healthy lawn.

Fact: Watering should be adjusted based on rainfall AND type of grass, temperatures and soil type. Deep, less frequent irrigation is actually better than lighter, daily watering as it builds a deeper, stronger root system.

Myth: If I cut my grass shorter, I won’t need to mow as often.

Fact: While it might give you a day or two extra between mows, cutting your lawn too short can also damage the grass and make it more susceptible to a host of problems! Always strive to remove no more than 1/3 of the total height in a single mow. Also, be sure to check the suggestions for your turf variety – some tolerate lower mowing heights better than others, BUT those often require more frequent mowing (think golf course greens.)

Always do your homework and check the best management practices for your specific type of grass to make sure you’re giving your grass the best chance to thrive!