Laying sod requires a tremendous amount of care in any situation. Transferring a living plant from one environment to another, especially in large areas such as a lawn, park or golf setting necessitates a careful, expert plan to create the healthy, beautiful result an end-user needs. Whether you’re establishing a new lawn or resodding a small area, making this change while the grass is dormant is a special situation that requires special attention.

Here are some essentials for dormant sodding:

  • Dormant grass does not have active root growth, so it is more susceptible to drought damage. Proper irrigation, even in winter months, is essential.
  • Limit or eliminate traffic until after greenup. Without established roots, grass cannot recover from damage from traffic or wear and tear.
  • Delay fertilizing until root establishment takes place.
  • Do not overseed newly laid dormant sod.

There is always some risk in laying dormant sod, but when it is professionally installed and proper care is taken, it can become a beautiful, healthy and well-established stand when greenup and rooting occur.