Much of the Southeast has experienced a mild, exceptionally wet winter, with some areas seeing significant flooding, and we still have spring coming, which is traditionally pretty soggy. Homeowners must be vigilant in ensuring flooding and poor drainage don’t take a toll on their lawn and landscape.

There are many risks of poor lawn drainage, including erosion, mold and fungus growth, and insect infestation. These challenges can be very difficult to overcome and require long-term treatment or even replacement of plants.

Ensuring proper drainage before damage occurs can help promote plant health and appearance and prevent disease. There are many options for protecting your lawn and landscape through proper drainage, including grading, drains, sump pumps, gutter downspout extensions, and even re-landscaping for drainage. If your lawn is prone to areas of standing water, it may be time to evaluate and correct any drainage issues to ensure your lawn stays beautiful and healthy throughout the rainy season.