We all know that lawns and other managed natural grass areas often get a bad rap as being wasteful, irresponsible, or even harmful to the environment. Even a quick look will reveal that there are many benefits of healthy turfgrass areas, including lawns, sports fields, golf courses and park/recreational areas.

Here are just a few important benefits:

Carbon sequestration. This is simply the process by which plants absorb carbon dioxide during photosynthesis and emit oxygen.

Runoff filtration. This occurs when stormwater runs across or through grassy areas, allowing the grass to collect contaminants and sediment, thereby filtering before it re-enters the water cycle.

Noise reduction. Noise bounces off of and is amplified by hard surfaces such as concrete or brick. Grass and other “softer” surfaces absorb noise, creating less sound amplification. This is vitally important in cities with many buildings in close proximity surrounding busy streets!

Improve soil. Grass provides organic matter to soil when its thin, fibrous roots decompose. This adds nutrients to improve soil fertility.

Reduce temperatures. Studies have shown grassy areas to be up to 30 degrees cooler than asphalt, concrete or other hard surfaces on hot, sunny days!

If a gorgeous green lawn hasn’t already sold you on natural grass, surely these incredible benefits will!