It’s time to dust off the mowers, blowers, trimmers and other various lawn maintenance equipment. Many in the south are already beginning their lawn treatment regimen, so those weekly mowing tasks are sure to follow closely behind.

If you didn’t take the time at the end of last mowing season to properly clean, service and store your equipment, it’s not too late. Before you get in the swing of continued maintenance, you can still squeeze in the necessary upkeep. Here are a few important tasks:

  • Oil Change – After a season of work and a season of storage, changing your mower or trimmer oil is important to keep your equipment functioning properly.
  • Sharpen mower blades – Dull blades can damage your grass and make for a less attractive lawn after mowing.
  • Clean it up – If there is still debris on any part of your equipment, clean it off before adding to it! Removing dirt, mud and clippings after each use can extend the life of the equipment.