Mother Nature creates many challenges when it comes to creating and maintaining healthy turfgrass. Excess Rain (or lack of) and unpredictable temperature changes are some notable hurdles for turfgrass, but common lawn pests might be the most difficult to understand and eliminate of all of those challenges.
Researchers classify those pests by category, including: pests that infect soil and roots, pests that feed on leaves and stems, pests that suck plant juice, and pests that inhabit but do not damage lawns. Yikes!
The good news is, researchers also provide guidelines for treating lawns with pesticides to protect your turfgrass. A main consideration is timing of application. Most manufacturers of pesticides recommend application when the insect is most susceptible to control. There are many pests that emerge in the fall which might require treatment.
If you discover a pest problem with your turfgrass which requires pesticide, be sure to read and follow all label instructions.