Not everyone has time or inclination to care for their lawn—weekly mowing, treating for pests and disease, raking, mulching, irrigation concerns… it’s more than many homeowners can keep up with! There are many knowledgeable, hard-working lawn professionals and companies that can help you maintain your best lawn, but where do you start?

  • Understand your needs/their services. Are you looking for full-service? This can include everything from mowing, aerating, fertilizer, pest control to landscaping beds. If you know you’ll handle some of those tasks, be sure you can pick your plan features to fit your own contributions.
  • Walk your neighborhood. If you don’t know where to start, a walk around the block can be very informative! Look for well-kept lawns in your area, and many times, you’ll see a small sign indicating the company that maintains it. Give them a call – they obviously know how to work with grass in your area!
  • Have a complete consultation. Let your lawn professional know all of the concerns you have for your lawn. They can’t have a complete plan if you don’t let them know the challenges your lawn has – from heavy traffic to pet damage, these are all important considerations!