Mowing the lawn isn’t as simple as just turning on the engine and going. There’s a lot more to it than that.
These are four of the most common mistakes we see:
1) Bagging the clippings.
Those clippings are filled with minerals and nutrients that help the soil. Let them decay where they are–helping the health of your grass–instead of sending them to the trash. Mow more often to avoid bulky clippings.
2) Using dull blades.
Dull blades make dull cuts. Poor cuts don’t recover like clean cuts, which can lead to disease. Sharpen the blades once every 25 mowing hours–using your owner’s manual for instructions.
3) Cutting too short.
Scalping your lawn is never a good idea. The grass will need more moisture and nutrition to recover. It also allows the lawn to dry out and weeds to germinate faster.
4) Cutting infrequently.
Drastically cutting your lawn back after excess growth adds stress and requires longer for the grass to heal. The clippings are thicker, which then cover the healthy grass underneath. Instead of taking this approach, remember the one-third rule–always cut one third the length of your grass.
Keep these common mistakes in mind as you manage your lawn’s health!