We had a nice run going… we knew which sport season happened which time of year. For our entire lives, we knew how to plan for field use, which sports would require us to bundle up and brave the elements. However, in the twilight zone of 2020, seasons have been shifted or rescheduled completely. Spring sports seasons were pushed to the fall, adding to an already heavy use rotation of fields.

Turfgrass managers have a challenge closing out the fall season and preparing for what is sure to be a busy spring season. With budgets and staffing reduced due to the effects of COVID and lockdowns, creating and maintaining safe natural grass fields for sports has never been more difficult. And that’s not even mentioning the curveballs Mother Nature may throw our way!

If you’re an athlete, coach, parent or administrator and you enjoy having sports on these fields, be sure to thank your turfgrass manager for their hard work in providing the place for you to play. Respect their requests for limiting use and special attention when using those spaces.

It will be incredible to see all athletes back out on the field in the coming months – let’s give it up for those who make it possible.