When we talk about the “green,” there are so many connotations – money, the environment, the grass being greener. There’s one turfgrass that evokes all three meanings of green, and that’s TifTuf® Bermudagrass.

TifTuf® boasts early spring green-up and excellent fall color retention, so you really will be seeing green if you choose TifTuf® for your site. This cultivar’s wear tolerance (think kids, pets, sports) also helps keep a dense, beautiful lawn or sports field.

When we use “green” in the sense of the environment, TifTuf® also shows up. Because this cultivar uses 38% less water than other bermudagrasses, we know that TifTuf® lawns, sports fields and other sites have less impact on the environment, especially in drought conditions. Reduced irrigation needs of TifTuf® give a whole new meaning to “sustainability.”

Finally, it’s not hard to see how TifTuf® puts more “green” in your pocket. Less watering equals a better bottom line. Whether you’re a homeowner, a sports field manager or a golf course superintendent, cost savings like those really add up year over year.

This is your green light to learn more about how TifTuf® can transform your turf site. Contact us today to learn more!