Turfgrass managers work diligently to create the healthiest, most attractive golf courses, sports fields, recreation areas and lawns. They are diligent in their management practices and astutely aware of caring for the environment. The Virginia Golf Course Superintendents Association (VGCSA) recently attended Virginia’s Lobby Day to share the work the golf course superintendent community is doing in environmental stewardship.

Representatives from VGCSA shared the value of their work with state legislators, communicating the following efforts and initiatives by superintendents:

  • conserving use of water and inputs along with stormwater collection and mitigation.
  • recently published 2ndedition of Environmental Best Management Practices to ensure stewardship
  • leaders in environmentally sensitive landscape management
  • cooperation and collaboration with state agencies
  • protecting pollinators

The turf professionals of VGCSA shared not only the environmental benefits of their courses, but also the strong economic and societal benefits in the state, which include:

  • provides 30,000 jobs and $2.5 billion economic impact
  • protected green space, wildlife habitat, carbon sink
  • fitness and exercise (walking 18 holes burns 2,000 calories!)
  • generate $80 million in funding various charities
  • drives tourism to the state

It is more important than ever to share the wide-ranging benefits of natural grass and its uses, and the VGCSA made a strong showing with their state lawmakers.