Ideal for lawns, sports fields and golf courses, TifTuf bermudagrass promises to be a true game-changer in stellar yet environmentally friendly performance. Providing unbeatable drought tolerance, it uses 38% less water than industry standard Tifway 419, and it is significantly more drought resistant than all other bermudagrasses.

In addition to its incredible drought tolerance, TifTuf provides superior wear and traffic tolerance (even better than Celebration), excellent cold tolerance (equal to Latitude 36 at Kansas State University), fast spring green-up and excellent fall color retention. In the 2015 NTEP trials, TifTuf was the highest-ranked cultivar in North Carolina, Alabama and Mississippi, and across all 17 locations overall, it was the highest-ranked, commercially available cultivar.

TifTuf will not only pay for itself in water savings, but more importantly, it will create sustainable landscapes, golf courses and athletic fields for the future. In fact, it will soon become the ultimate must-have grass for turfgrass professionals who are concerned about water use. Undeniably, TifTuf is an astounding breakthrough product for turf managers and property owners seeking performance, aesthetics and sustainability.

TifTuf bermudagrass is a warm-season variety suited for Hardiness Zones 6B to 11A.

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