In the summer months, special considerations apply when caring for your turfgrass lawn, especially in drought conditions. Turfgrass managers and landscape professionals understand the importance of proper care of lawns during this time of year.

Below are some considerations for managing turfgrass during drought:

  • Choose the right variety for your climate. Many varieties are drought-tolerant. In especially hot or drought-prone areas, some turfgrasses (such as TifTuf bermudagrass) are a better choice to survive harsh conditions.
  • Adjust mowing height/frequency for slowed growth or dormancy. In some cases, you can completely cease mowing for the duration of the drought or scale back the frequency. If you do continue to mow, increase the cutting height.
  • Pay attention to watering restrictions. In many areas, water-use restrictions are enacted in times of drought. Follow all ordinances for water conservation, and remember – lawns can return to their lush, green appearance once they emerge from summer dormancy.
  • If there are no restrictions, remember that a deep watering is best, and watering during the early morning hours of the morning provides the best opportunity for your turfgrass to use all the water you provide.