Weeds can infiltrate your lawn fast. A perfectly manicured lawn in April can turn into a weed sanctuary by June without proper care. Follow these tips to help keep the weeds away.
Apply weed-killer in spring.
Weeds grow the fastest in the spring, and that’s also the time in which they’re most vulnerable to weed-killer.
Keep an eye on your soil nutrition.
Test your soil to see where it stands. Then get into a routine to give your lawn the nutrients it needs to stay healthy.
Cut grass regularly on a higher setting.
Taller grass shades the soil. As a result, new weeds can’t germinate and grow as easily.
Top dress the lawn.
This works best in the fall. You’ll improve the quality of the soil by raking a small layer of compost over the surface.
With a little preparation and intentionality, you can keep those weeds off your beautiful lawn all year long. Let us know how we can help!