As we eagerly anticipate the warmer, sunnier days of spring and summer, many of us begin to plan lawn, landscape, and garden projects. While Mother Nature always dictates planting schedules, (and sometimes gives us a few unwelcome surprises that no one can predict), there are some planting plans we can make with relative certainty.
Bermuda grasses and zoysia grasses are warm season varieties and thus, if you’re planning to plant or sod your lawn with these varieties, spring is a great time to do it. Because these grass types thrive during warm weather, spring brings the air and soil temperatures that are optimal times for these grasses to establish and grow.
At Buy Sod, we offer multiple Bermuda and zoysia grass cultivars and would love to help you find the ideal grass for your project, whether it is a home lawn, commercial area or sports turf, we can provide the best option for your spring turfgrass needs.
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