As we head into the winter season, it is important to ensure that your lawn is getting what it needs to endure the coming months of dormancy. In many areas, it has been an exceptionally dry fall, so homeowners will need to pay special attention to watering to ensure optimal lawn health into the winter season and beyond.

Deep, less frequent watering until frost sets in will allow your lawn optimal opportunity to absorb the moisture it needs to weather the winter months. Be sure to water in the morning when winds are lighter.

As always, watering is part of a broad healthy lawn maintenance plan — be sure you’re regularly removing fallen leaves and other debris so that excess moisture can dry – allowing wet leaves to stay on the grass can lead to disease. Keep up mowing until growth stops, making sure to gradually lower your cutting height.

When you take the time to prepare your lawn for the dormant season, you’ll be set up for a lush, healthy lawn in the spring!