There are many elements that can affect the health of your lawn, including disease, traffic, pests, fertility and irrigation. Proper identification of the cause of injury to your turf is essential in repairing damage and preventing future problems.
There are hundreds of species of insects that inhabit lawns and the surrounding areas, so it is important to recognize the ones that are most likely to cause serious harm your turfgrass. Below is a list of the most common lawn pests – if you are unsure whether your lawn damage is a result of these pests, consult a professional for diagnosis and treatment options.
White Grubs are the larvae of scarab beetles which descend into the soil. They feed on grass roots causing brown patches in your lawn. I
Sod Webworms are tiny, wheat-colored moths whose larvae feed on grass at night. Damage from these pests if often not obvious until heat or drought stress occurs.
Cutworms and Armyworms are large caterpillars that feed on grass leaves. These insects only become problematic in large numbers.
Chinchbugs are tiny black insects that are found in the heat of summer damage grass by removing the sap and injecting their saliva into the plant while feeding.