It’s October, and many of us are watching our green grasses gradually be covered with layer after layer of fallen leaves. For those lawns with many large trees, leaf removal in the fall can become almost a full time job. Here are some do’s and don’ts of fall leaf removal with lawn health in mind.

DO let the sunlight in. Removing fallen leaves allows grass to get the sunlight it needs to grow.

DON’T let mold take hold. When leaf covered lawns receive rainfall, that leaf cover holds in excess moisture, creating a friendly environment for mold and other fungal disease.

DO take advantage of a great opportunity for fresh air and exercise – raking leaves will surely burn off some of those pumpkin spice lattes!

DON’T be the unwitting host to dangerous pests. A heavy leaf cover can be home to all manner of insects and small animals that can damage your home or lawn.

No matter how you do it – remember that your lawn loves sunlight and air, and removing leaves and debris is an easy way to prepare your grass for the winter.