Do you have lawn envy when you visit your local minor league baseball stadium? Or does your neighbor always have the striped lawn that wins “Yard of the Month” every month? While basic care and maintenance are essential to keeping an attractive lawn (or baseball field), there’s that little extra something that draws the eye – mowing patterns.

Sure, most of us can come up with a basic stripe if we must, but a plaid-look or checkerboard may require a little more planning. But this extra effort can be well worth the time when YOUR lawn becomes the one everyone is talking about.

First, you have to know HOW it works – there are two sides to a blade of grass, and one is darker. When you mow, you bend the grass to expose one of those sides. So the key is bending alternating rows in opposite directions. From there, planning and dreaming depends on your time and patience level. There are countless videos and articles offering expert advice on creating more and more elaborate mowing patterns.

But even if you’re not trying to recreate an MLB logo on your lawn, a little extra care and effort can create a stunning high-end look!