When you’ve invested the time and money to install sod in your lawn, it is of utmost importance to give it the best chance of survival. Newly sodded lawns do require a little extra attention to give them the best chance to establish a strong foundation that will help it remain healthy and beautiful for many years to come.

Here are a few things to remember about caring for your newly sodded lawn:

  • Irrigation. Newly installed turfgrass sod has crucial watering needs. Begin watering new sod within a half hour after it is laid on the soil. Apply at least 1” of water so that the soil beneath the turf is wet. For the next two weeks, keep the below-turf soil surface moist with daily (or more frequent) watering. Especially hot, dry or windy periods will necessitate increased watering amounts and frequency.
  • Establishment and Treatments. Different varieties of turfgrass have different guidelines for fertilization and maintenance. They also have different windows of establishment. For example, TifTuf Bermudagrass should be fertilized within seven days of installation, and if it is installed in the active growing season (i.e. it is NOT dormant), it can take 7-21 days to root, depending on the weather. For Zeon zoysiagrass, the establishment window is 14-28 days. With Select tall fescue, during summer months, a fungicide application is recommended within seven days of installation.

These differences highlight the importance of understanding your grass type and its maintenance requirements, especially in that crucial first month. Get off on the right foot so that you can enjoy a beautiful lawn for years to come. For more information on caring for your newly sodded lawn, check out our fact sheets.