As we enjoy a brief respite from nonstop turfgrass management tasks during this holiday season, it’s time to start gearing up for next year’s busy season. With spring emergence and green up only a few short months away in many locations, there’s no time to waste as you prepare to return to the field. While budgets may not allow for splurges on new technology, it’s always useful to be informed of what’s coming down the pipeline that may prove beneficial for your management strategies.

Take a look at some of the technologies that are available or in the works:

  • These remote-operated flying cameras can aid in observation and increase efficiency. Rather than physically surveying the far reaches of your sod farm, golf course or sports field complex, drones can be your eye in the sky so that your attention can remain focused on areas that need attention.
  • Robotic Mowers. Autonomous mowers can be programmed to mow designated areas and allow man hours to be diverted to more specialized tasks. While many fear robotic mowers will result in fewer jobs available, some turfgrass professionals anticipate that they will free up staff and budgets to improve overall operations, especially on golf courses.
  • Digital Moisture Meters. While they’ve been in the landscape for several years now, digital moisture meters have advanced to provide more metrics in recent years. Data collection and tracking can be tremendously helpful for turfgrass managers in conveying maintenance and use needs to stakeholders.

Be sure you’re ready for the seasons to come, and incorporate these technological advances into your management strategies where you can.