Many homeowners have been fighting the good fight, battling back weeds and filling in bare spots in their existing lawns. But sometimes, even the most diligent lawn warriors have to accept defeat and plan a total lawn makeover. Choosing sod is a great way to give your new lawn a head start and minimize the battle to keep full, healthy turfgrass.

While most of the process must take place in the spring, having a plan and completing research can be done in winter when lawn maintenance is minimal. Planning ahead can mean getting a head start on the busy season. Here are a few tips to help plan and prepare for your best lawn:

  • Use a weed killer to kill your existing lawn in the spring as it is emerging from dormancy. Roundup (or glyphosate) is commonly used for this purpose.
  • Choose the right variety of turfgrass for your use/location/maintenance level. Our Sod Selector tool can help determine the best variety for you.
  • Contact a sod producer to determine which steps you will complete and which they will complete.

A freshly sodded lawn is an instant upgrade to your property, and you can make sure the process goes smoothly with a little bit of prep.