As we begin another spring season, it’s time to start thinking about lawn weeds and how to control them. Reducing weed pressure is a great way to provide your turfgrass lawn with the best opportunity to grow and thrive. Common lawn weeds include clover, dandelion, crabgrass, dollarweed and others. There are products available to help reduce or eliminate these troublesome weeds, but it is important to understand the distinction and uses between pre- and post-emergent weed control products.

Pre-emergent herbicides are applied before weeds have a chance to germinate. Some can be applied in fall or in early spring to prevent weed seed from even having an opportunity to grow. Often these products are used as a broadcast application, meaning they’re evenly spread over an entire area to prevent weed germination and growth.

Post-emergent herbicides are typically selective, which means they only control certain weed species. They also need to be applied directly to the weed you want to control, and it is best to treat in the early stages of growth. Some weed species require multiple treatments.

Some essential tips for both pre- and post-emergent herbicides include:

  • Identify the weed you need to control and use the appropriate product.
  • Know WHEN to use WHICH product.
  • Know what grass type you have and choose products that are safe for that variety.
  • Use all lawn chemistries with care – always follow instructions on the label. THE LABEL IS THE LAW.