If you live in a warmer climate, like the Southeastern U.S., by the time July rolls around, you’re probably just about ready to come inside, set the thermostat to “Arctic Blast” and lock the doors until early October. But, alas, the living organisms in your lawn keep on keeping on, for better or worse. You already know you can’t give up on mowing and watering your lawn, but what else do you really have to do to keep your neighbors and the HOA at bay? Check out our simple ways to keep your lawn looking great without melting in the summer heat.

  • Trim the trees and bushes. A fresh cut looks good on you, why not your landscaping?
  • Pull weeds. It’s probably your least favorite task, but the most noticeable difference in landscaped areas. When you’re running out the door to catch the ice cream truck, grab the odd weed and it won’t seem so bad.
  • Lay down mulch. Not only does it look great when you have fresh mulch, it also helps protect your plants. Win-win!
  • Don’t forget edging. Nice, clean lines around your driveway and sidewalks keep up the neat and tidy vibe.

You can keep your lawn looking great in the summer without spending hours in the withering heat—just break up these simple tasks into short, manageable segments!