Bluegrass doesn’t have the best reputation for withstanding disease, drought, heat stress and insects in the steamy summers of the transition zone, but Blue Heat is the exception. Blue Heat is a proprietary blend created to withstand those brutal summers.
Because it spreads by rhizomes, Blue Heat recovers from traffic without reseeding, and it can tolerate the low mowing heights required for sports turf and golf courses. This variety thrives in the Carolinas and Virginia because of its heat, drought and cold tolerance, and its fine blades make it perfect for golf fairways and tees, athletic fields in cool-season areas and home lawns.
Blue Heat receives an “excellent” rating in fineness of blades and cold tolerance, a “very good” rating for heat tolerance and a “good” rating for wear tolerance, speed of recovery, drought tolerance and shade tolerance.
Created from low-mow varieties with improved disease and insect resistance, Blue Heat stands above the rest as a perfect choice for a variety of needs.
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