When it’s time to choose a new grass variety for your lawn, park, or even golf course, don’t forget about a proven zoysiagrass variety that shines in a variety of uses: El Toro.

One of the hardest-working turfgrasses ever released, El Toro was developed to survive extreme drought conditions and quickly recover when irrigation or rainfall resumed. Among its many top-performing benefits, El Toro’s thick, carpet-like growth habit enables it to not only naturally resist weeds and insect pests but to also withstand traffic. Its coarser leaf blade and upright growth allow it to easily be maintained with a standard rotary lawn mower.

El Toro zoysiagrass grows well in sun or shade and retains its beautiful dark-green color late into the fall season. Adaptable to a wide range of soils (including high salinity) and pH levels, it thrives in low-fertility environments. What’s more, El Toro has outstanding tolerance to both heat and cold.

In short, El Toro needs less water, pesticides and fertilizer, which equates to big savings in both inputs and labor. Fewer inputs also make El Toro an excellent option in situations where an environmentally friendly turfgrass is a priority.

An excellent all-around turfgrass, El Toro’s many practical applications include home lawns, parks, playgrounds, utility areas and shaded, high-traffic areas on golf courses. Whenever a low-input yet high-quality turf surface is needed, El Toro is your top pick, and Buy Sod is your best source.