Prizm zoysiagrass is a golf course game changer. From Bladerunner Farms (who also bred Zeon Zoysia), this grass is a breakthrough that is a more sustainable tee to green grass which requires lower inputs and provides superior aesthetics.

With tee to green installation, there is no collar transition to manage and no encroachment. With outstanding divot recovery, insignificant ball marking and consistency of surface (no grain), you can be sure Prizm will look amazing even during the busiest seasons on the course. 

Prizm has less than half the fertility needs and half the mowing requirements of ultradwarf Bermuda; excellent shade tolerance; biological resistance to insects, disease and weeds; a broad range of soil and pH adaptation; excellent cold tolerance; excellent shade tolerance; and cold weather color retention. What more could you ask for? Mowing height flexibility, you say – Prizm delivers on that too — mow from 0.100 to 1.5 with Prizm!

When selecting natural grass for your golf course, the choice is clear – Prizm is a hole in one! To learn more, contact us today!