In the hot, dry South, TifTuf® bermudagrass is the gold standard in drought tolerance. Homeowners and turfgrass managers alike love the savings of a variety that requires less watering.
But don’t let a high capacity to survive the summer distract you from all of TifTuf®’s other benefits – TifTuf®  provides superior wear and traffic tolerance as well as excellent cold tolerance. A fast spring green-up and excellent fall color retention mean that you can enjoy the beauty of this gorgeous grass longer than many other cultivars.
TifTuf® is suited for many uses – golf, sports and landscape, and is top ranked in turfgrass quality. After rigorous testing by universities and NTEP, TifTuf® has stood up to many challenges and has proven to be a winner over and over again.
TifTuf® performs best with at least eight hours of sunlight per day and is best maintained at 0.50” to 1.0” (reel mower) or 1.0” to 2.0” (rotary mower.) Don’t miss this latest offering from the “Tifs” – call us today to learn more about the amazing TifTuf® bermudagrass!