When the temperature starts to warm up, it seems like there’s always a mad rush to nurseries and home improvement stores to stock up on fresh plants and mulch (so. much. mulch.) Homeowners are inevitably ready to embrace the return of warm, sunny days, and landscaping is a great way to kick off the season.

Unfortunately, sometimes our lawn grass takes some punishment when we’re focused on other plants. Here are some ways you can protect your lawn while adding some spring color.

  • Pile bagged or bulk soil and mulch on other surfaces. Sure, it may block your parking spot in the driveway for a few days, but if you pile it on the lawn, you could easily find damaged or discolored grass under it when you finally remove those last few bags.
  • Plan carefully for new planting or landscape beds. If you’re digging or cultivating a new part of your lawn, section it off (use paint or even stakes and string) before you start. Having a visual will help you determine size and placement, and you can correct or adjust without damage.
  • Minimize traffic around landscape beds. You’ll inevitably have a lot of foot traffic as you work, so be mindful of the number wagon, wheelbarrow or lawn tractor crossings along the path.

If you’re mindful of protecting your turfgrass in the process, your additions to your lawn will surely emphasize its beauty.