It’s that glorious time of year when your grass has finally greened up, the sun is shining and you just can’t resist being outdoors! Maybe you’re hosting picnics and barbecues or other parties on your lawn. While it’s a great time for all your friends, family and neighbors, you may discover that your grass didn’t fare so well. So how do you prevent damage and recover from those high-traffic events ahead of the higher temps that are sure to come in the next month?

  • Add aerating to your schedule. Reducing soil compaction by aerating once a year can help reduce the impact of high traffic events.
  • Choose the right grass variety for traffic and sun/shade requirements. The healthier and denser your lawn is, the better it can withstand traffic.
  • Follow mowing heights recommended for your variety of grass. Too high= more disease and insect susceptibility. Too low= more sun/heat damage.
  • Fertilize regularly. This gives your lawn the nutrients it needs to grow and a strong root system.
  • Be patient and vigilant. Stay off of the grass when it is saturated or weakened by previous high traffic events.

There is a fine line between enjoying your lawn and overusing it. Move the outdoor events to the patio or driveway when your grass is over-stressed. If you’re following best practices, your lawn will recover and be ready for the next event!