Many of us spent our childhood years dreading lawn duty and wishing the lawn would somehow mow itself. Well, your wish may have finally come true in the most exciting advancement in lawn mowing since zero-turn technology. Sure, you’ve heard a lot of buzz about robotic mowers, but where is the technology now, and who can use it?
A variety of robotic mowers are available for homeowners, but because this technology is new, it isn’t cheap, and there are still some kinks in the system. Some things to consider when purchasing a robotic mower:

  • Lawn size
  • Number of obstacles (flower beds, trees, lighting, sports/playground equipment)
  • Lawn slope
  • Battery life
  • Integrated technology (such as connectivity, phone controls, upgraded sensors)

Some manufacturers require professional site assessment and setup, which can add to the price tag. It is important to understand exactly what a robotic mower can do and compare that with your needs.
The long-term payoff of time and effort saved by using a robotic mower can certainly merit the purchase price, but as with any new technology, be sure to do your homework before making this large purchase.