No matter what you’re buying – a toaster, a car, or even sod – it can seem like the options are endless! What color? What extra features? Which brand? Professional installation? Which store?

Consumers can often feel confused by all the options and labels products carry, and they may feel overwhelmed by the many choices. We try to make the process as simple as possible so that customers can feel good about the process without getting lost in the details.

There are many characteristics to consider when choosing a turfgrass variety for your property. Those characteristics include blade texture and color; wear tolerance; cold tolerance; maintenance requirements; shade tolerance; and speed of recovery. Other considerations are hardiness zone of the site, intended use and variety preference. We understand that every consumer has different needs.

That’s why we created our Sod Selector Tool as a starting point for making the right choice. When you’re looking for the perfect turfgrass variety for your property, but sure to compare these features at