In some areas, white grubs cause a significant amount of damage to turfgrass. The damage occurs when the grubs, which are certain beetles in their larval stage, chew off grass roots below the soil surface. This inhibits the turf’s ability to take up water and nutrients.

While turf may be able to recover from some pressure from white grubs, it is important to be prepared in the event of higher populations. Here are some ways to address this common issue:

  • WHY? The treatment threshold for white grubs is 3-5 grubs per square foot. Lawns with fewer do not require treatment.
  • HOW? There are several pesticides to choose from. Be sure to check the label and ensure proper use. Most of these pesticides will require watering to move product into the soil.
  • WHEN? Early spring is the best time to treat to prevent damage that would occur in summer and fall.

At Buy Sod, we have treated our fields for white grubs, so our valued customers can rest easy with their newly installed sod. If you’d like more information about our products and the processes we use to protect our sod, contact us today!