It’s great news when the lawn greens up and the grass is growing again, but that means that weeds are also coming back to life. There are many approaches to weed control, but a well-maintained lawn is the first defense against stubborn weeds. Turfgrass managers and homeowners should have a plan for eliminating weeds that do sneak in, but the following best practices will help minimize this problem.

  • Mowing guidelines: Always mow your lawn at the recommended height for the variety. These heights are recommended because they keep the blades strong and healthy. Also, remember to mow no more than one-third of the grass height in one mowing.
  • Irrigation guidelines: Most grasses need the equivalent of about one inch of rainfall per week, so keep tabs on rainfall and supplement with watering. One or two deep watering events are more beneficial than several lighter waterings.
  • Fertilize: Yes, even your lawn needs to be fed, and fertilizer is what it wants. Always follow both product instructions AND best practices for your specific turfgrass variety.