In the southeast, spring has sprung, and along with it, plants of all varieties have returned with new life. While it is lovely to see trees and flowers blooming and lawns returning to their lush warm-season beauty, there are some less welcome weeds appearing alongside them.

Finding the right plan for eliminating lawn weeds depends on understanding three things:

  • Turfgrass variety. There are different recommended products for different varieties. Using the wrong product can be ineffective, or worse, harmful to your healthy grass.
  • Weed type. You can’t get the best treatment without identifying what you’re trying to eliminate. Not all herbicides work on all weeds.
  • Herbicide formulation and application. ALWAYS thoroughly read instructions before applying any chemical to your lawn. Be sure the product is indicated for both your turfgrass variety and for effectiveness against the weeds you wish to eliminate.

When those ugly weeds rear their heads, make sure you get the most bang for your buck by following proper application procedure as well. Post emergent herbicides are a great tool in a homeowners belt when used properly and responsibly.