We all know that one lawn in the neighborhood – the one that has the pristine landscaping and perfectly cut, lush green lawn. When you drive by, you want to kick your shoes off and and walk barefoot to a shady spot to enjoy the resort-like surroundings. If that lawn is not your lawn, it might be time to think about a makeover!

A beautiful, healthy lawn is not as difficult as it may seem if you have the right turfgrass expertly installed. While many homeowners opt to seed an existing lawn, this method requires much more time and effort to establish. With sod, an expert grower has prepared your lawn for you – which means less maintenance from the start!

In as little as a day, your property can go from bare soil to dense, bright turfgrass. Instead of spending months establishing seed (seeded lawns take an average of two years to fully establish), give your sod a little extra TLC for a week or two and get busy enjoying the benefits of a lawn that is sure to make your neighbors jealous!