Like it or not, the holiday decorating season is upon us. After the challenges 2020 has presented, many people are looking for a little extra joy this season in the form of decorating early and pulling out all the stops.

One growing trend in outdoor holiday décor is oversize inflatables. You’d be hard pressed to find a residential street that doesn’t feature at least one of these cheerful displays. What is not cheerful, however, is the lasting impact they can have on your lawn. Even more traditional decorations like lights and trees can take their toll on your turfgrass.

Here are some ways you can prevent long-lasting damage from your seasonal stylings.

  • Set a timer. While it may seem like a small change, reducing the foot traffic on your grass by setting a timer for inflatables and lights to come can reduce some wear.
  • Move them around. Inflatables are lightweight, and thus easy to move. Moving them weekly or biweekly can prevent one area of grass from being deprived of sunlight or staying wet for the entire holiday season.
  • Keep it simple. Make your holiday displays lawn-friendly by keeping décor on the house, porch, or even wrap the bushes with lights.

It is possible to keep the festive spirit alive and preserve your lawn – just take a little time to plan and prepare!