With the 2020 pro football season (finally) underway, all eyes are on not just the teams, but also the stadiums and fields where these athletes perform week after week. Athlete safety is a major factor in almost every area of play – from newly implemented guidelines due to COVID-19 to rules of play meant to protect vulnerable players to fields and equipment, all the stars must align to provide a reasonably safe experience for everyone on the field.

NFL Players’ Association President JC Tretter addressed this concern in a letter, citing data that indicates that lower extremity injuries are far more common on artificial turf versus natural grass. Anecdotally, turf managers and advocates across the country already know the benefits of turfgrass fields for athletes. If these surfaces are better for professional athletes, how much more so are they beneficial to our future professional athletes? Youth sports draw millions of children and teens every year, and those players deserve the safest possible playing surface available – natural grass.

We offer turfgrass varieties for every sport, and professional installation and maintenance are keys to establishing and maintaining the safest surface possible for athletes of all levels. Don’t compromise on safety – choose natural grass for your athletic fields.