In the professional turfgrass management sphere, technology comes into play in almost every element. While there’s no replacement for hands-on management, there are certain aspects that technology can improve. From robot mowers to drones to modern irrigation management, the grass is only getting greener when technology comes into play.

So what technology can a homeowner benefit from? At present, consumer grade robotic (or autonomous) mowers are not quite scaled to the market in terms of price and availability, but it is certainly not too far away!

Another technology advance is with lawn and landscape companies. They are using databases for scheduling that ultimately benefit the homeowner. Whether or not your lawncare professional staff is the same from one visit to the next, companies which use this technology can easily track what treatment is necessary for your lawn based on season and previous application timing and rates.

Smart irrigation systems are also a great benefit to homeowners already. Using apps to control frequency and duration means that you can adjust your system no matter where you are. A helpful companion to this option is weather apps. Most people have these on their smartphones already, so using this in conjunction with smart irrigation is a great use of multiple technologies.

Other options are sure to be arriving on the market for consumer use in the near future – be on the lookout for new and exciting ways to make your lawn the best on the block!