Patriot Bermudagrass
Patriot Bermudagrass


Patriot is high-speed bermudagrass. A superior cultivar for Mid-Atlantic sites, Patriot bermudagrass was selected by Oklahoma State University specifically for its aggressive growth and cold tolerance, making it a top performer in the northern transition zone. Its rapid spreading habit makes it ideally suited for athletic fields, golf courses and landscapes in areas where the growing season is shorter.

Most notably, in the 2009–2011 NTEP trials in Blacksburg, VA, Patriot outscored Latitude 36, Northbridge and Tifway in mean turfgrass quality. If you need a cold-hardy bermudagrass, with only a short time to get your turf play-ready, Patriot from Buy Sod gets the job done.

Patriot bermudagrass is a warm-season variety suited for Hardiness Zones 7A, 7B, 8A and 8B.

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Attributes and Benefits

  • Exceptional cold hardiness = better survivability in the northern transition zone.
  • More aggressive growth habit than TifSport or Tifway = rapid recovery from traffic and divot injury.
  • Improved resistance to spring dead spot = reduced fungicide costs.
  • Excellent drought tolerance = lower irrigation expenses.
  • Can be mowed at 0.75” to 2.0” = versatility.
  • Rapid spring greenup = quick spring transition.
  • Dark blue-green color = unique look.


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Best Practices

  • Sunlight Requirement: Needs full sun for optimum performance (at least 8 hours of sun each day).
  • Mowing: Best maintained at 0.75” to 2.0” mowing height (use a reel mower at 1.0” and under). Aggressive growth habit may require more dethatching and aeration than other bermudagrasses.
  • Fertility: Requires 3 to 4 lbs. N/1,000 ft2/year.
  • Weed Control: All herbicides labeled for use on bermudagrass can be safely applied to Buy Sod’s Patriot. Always follow label instructions.
  • Insect Control: All insecticides labeled for use on bermudagrass can be safely applied to Buy Sod’s Patriot. Always follow label instructions.

Best Uses

  • Golf — fairways, tees and roughs.
  • Sports — athletic fields, parks & recreation fields, playgrounds.
  • Landscape — home lawns and commercial properties, particularly in the northern transition zone.


Developed by the Oklahoma State University Bermudagrass Breeding and Development Team, Patriot is an F1 hybrid derived from a cross between T10 and an African bermudagrass. It was selected in 1992 for its cold tolerance and disease resistance, and it was released to licensed growers in 2002.


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